Artist Statement

In my compositions I select a cropped portion of the visual world to focus upon. This is because my interest lies at the intersection between reality and abstraction….not in pure abstraction. However, while creating the work, suddenly, for me, the material world drops away and what becomes important are the colors, shapes, sensations, and emotions….the impact of the moment. Through the work, I seek to share this impact and make it visible.

“Come quick! You have to see this moon….this incredible sunset, this butterfly!”

My impatience with sharing these fleeting moments of life grows out of my understanding that it is the ephemeral which makes life such a blessing. I seek to capture it…share it…celebrate it.

~Kerry Gorton Evans

To quote one of my favorite artists, Wolf Kahn,

“Landscape, of all representational modes, seems to me to be the least affected by fashion, politics, trends….through our investigation of landscape we can express our sense of the connectedness of things, where we stand in relation to them. Above all, we come in touch with those over-arching abstractions that govern our perceptions: the great and the small, near and far, up and down, sharp and soft, smooth and rough. None of this is likely to change soon….People mistakenly think that art is about nature, or about an artist’s feelings about nature. It is instead a path to enlightenment and pleasure, one of many paths, where nature and the artist’s feelings are merely raw materials.”